About Lanzarote

The island of eternal spring.

Lanzarote is approximately one and a half hours drive from north to south, and the versatile landscape has something special for everyone.

The most iconic area of the island is the dramatic and humbling Timanfaya National Park. The south of Lanzarote has been shaped significantly by the volcanic eruptions that took place in the 1700's, and this is most evident amongst the rolling lava fields and red moon-like craters of the park. Fire Mountain, in the centre of the area, is the main attraction. The views from its peak are spectacular, and even now you can feel the heat underneath your shoes as you watch the fantastic geothermic demonstrations.

The volcanic coast is lined with salt flats and black beaches. The lava met the sea here, creating water churning caves. Along this road  the fishing village of El Golfo can be found, where you can enjoy some fresh seafood with views out to the Atlantic, or hike across the cliffs to the incredible green lagoon.

The volcanic landscape of Lanzarote
Matagorda Beach at the end of the runway

If you enjoy wine, then La Geria is well worth a visit too, for a spot of picturesque vino tasting next door to Lanzarote's incredible volcanic backdrop.

Around the island, you will see many pieces of work from our famous and beloved architect Cesar Manrique. He shaped the island and ensured that Lanzarote's natural beauty was preserved. This is why the buildings here are white and two stories high, and why you will also find no billboards or adverts on the roadside.

Some examples of his best work can be found in the north of the island. The three main attractions, Jameos Del Agua, Cueva De Los Verdes, and Mirador Del Rio, were all designed by Cesar Manrique.

Jameos Del Agua, a collapsed subterranean lava cave, is one of the only places on earth where you can see the blind albino deep water crabs. It is incredibly peaceful here, with a blue lagoon set against stunning Royal gardens.

Cueva De Los Verdes is a series of impressive underground caverns, carved by the lava running out to sea. These spectacular caves are where the Canarians hid from the pirates years ago.

Mirador Del Rio, meaning 'View Of The River' is a viewpoint at the northern point of the island. This bond-style cafe looks over towards our neighbouring island of La Graciosa.

With its impressive and unique scenery, Lanzarote is ideal for walking, cycling, and sailing. Whether you want to relax on white sandy beaches, dance all night in vibrant bars, or get out and about on an adventure, we can assure you that Lanzarote has something for everyone. We look forward to welcoming you here soon!

Arrecife Beach

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